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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Remembering Amar, the man with down syndrome used by suicide bombers

"Down syndrome youth used as suicide bomber" is what the headline said. Apparently this young man, Amar, was a 19 year old Iraqui who was kidnapped rigged with bombs and sent to an area where people were being frisked before entering to vote. One report said he was to go to the checkpoint area, but went half way and then began to walk back toward the terrorists when they detonated the explosives. Another report says that he was "crossing open ground." A relative said, "They must have kidnapped him. He was like a baby. He had nothing to do with the resistance and there was nothing in the house for him to make a bomb. He was a Shiite. Why bomb his own people? He was mindless, but he was mostly happy, laughing and playing with the children in the street. Now his father is inconsolable; his mother cries all the time" (from The Age).

So now the terrorists have reached a new low in using cognitively impaired individuals like Amar to further their murderous agenda. It is one thing for a person to hold to a particular political agenda to the point of sacrificing his life for that agenda. It is another to take the lives of random others in one's self destruction. However, it is the depth of evil to take the life of someone who is oblivious to political maneuverings, oblivious about much of what is going on around him in the world even and sacrifice his life and those of random others.

It is my hope that the Muslim Arab world will see this murder of a man, a man innocent of political affiliation, at the hands of those who speak and act for "god" as the final proof positive that a political movement which would use blameless, naive persons with cognitive disability as the vehicle for murder needs to be removed from the face of the Earth.

I would like to think that Amar somehow figured out what was happening to him, and refused to be used in that manner. Many people like Amar that I have known would have acted with such courage.


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Developmental disabilities take many different forms, physical, mental, emotional; people are affected by autism, down syndrome, vision impairment, est. disability may inhibit a person's capacity to take care of themselves (dress, bathe, eat and do other daily tasks), speak and be understood clearly, learn, move around, make decisions, live on their own, or earn and manage an income. But people with disabilities have one thing in common: They are all human beings. It wasn't long ago that disabled people were placed in institutions, far from having a normal life
While the article was subtitled “The Profile of a Down Syndrome Suicide Bomber,” it is really a profile of Islam: “Amar Ahmed Mohammed was 19 years old. But the fact that he had the mind of a four-year-old did not stop the insurgency's [Islam’s] hard men [Jihadists] as they strapped explosives to his chest and guided him [beguiled him] to a voting centre in suburban Al-Askan. [So called “Palestinians” did the same thing to a mentally retarded boy in Gaza less than a year ago. In case you haven’t noticed, Muslims have little respect for life. Wombs have become the bomb factory of choice unlike the hundreds of others in the region [land of Islam] who knowingly volunteered [actually, they were coerced by way of indoctrination] for an explosive death, Amar died because he did not know, had Down’s Syndrome.
In conclusion Amar Ahmed Mohammed, a 19-year-old man with Down syndrome was murdered on January 30, 2005. According to Iraq's interior minister quoted in the Associated Press, insurgents against the Iraq election strapped explosives to the young man's chest and directed him to walk towards a polling booth. Apparently Mr. Mohammed triggered the bomb before he reached the intended target killing only him. It appears his selection was opportunistic, and that this young man was a victim of abuse, apparently due to his intellectual difference.
In my opinion his tragic international matter received very little coverage and we should acknowledge the price paid by this young man, to achieve this result, if we do not clearly express our disgust and intolerance for these actions to the international community, we are not doing what we can to prevent this type of act from happening again.