Friday, October 28, 2011

"Treat all people the same"

Imagine that was our creedo for the church. "We treat all people the same" but there are no women are in church. Would that be treating all people the same? Obviously not. So if we say we are treating everyone the same but certain groups are not present, that is probably a very good indication that we are NOT treating all people the same. How might it look if we were treating all people the same? Well, in many ways it would not look like it currently does simply because, in the case of people with various disabilities, they would be present in numbers reflecting the community. That they are not present indicates to me that we do not treat people the same. I also don't care if your church is largely comprised of white people, hispanic people, african people, asian people, it doesn't matter as most all of those groups of people are not treating people with disabilities the same as they would want to be treated within their own group or by other groups.


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