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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


There are several of us who are interested in developing a web page that lists model programs serving persons with disabilities nationally. There may come a day when a service of technical assistance and evaluation could be offered to programs, but for the moment, we would just like to list programs sent to us.

We have purchased a website called http://disabilityministry.com where we hope to list these programs in addition to providing links to other websites and materials that would be useful to those in disability ministry.

Our hope is that you will forward the following information about your program to us for us to post on this new website. Please provide the following:
Church Name/Program Name
Website address
Email address to contact regarding the program
50 word program description

As we begin receiving this information, we will begin posting the list of programs. It is our hope that this website will be both an encouragement to churches to get into the disability ministry business, and also a place for people to find a ministry in their geographical area to attend or to visit as an example for them to start their own ministry. If you know of a ministry in your area, please ask them to send their information to us so we can list it.

Please send the above information to:
List as the "Subject" disabilityministry.com

Soon we will begin to list ministries there.

May God bless our efforts.


clarissa stewart said...

That is a pioneering idea!!
Good for you.
Does anyone know of programs for autistic children in the Chicago metro area? Through a university or hospital? I have a friend who has a grandson who attends regular school in that area and is often left to fend for himself in a corner of the classroom. If anyone knows of any disability ministry in that area I would be interested in passing on the information. Unfortunately, the child lives with his parents in a motel as the father is attending college to upgrade his skills for a better job.

The Editor in Chief said...

Website is up and running! Please send your program descriptions to mail@jeffmcnair.com


clarissa Stewart said...

Dear Editor-in-Chief,
I decided I would spend some of the time I spend on the computer anyway and find resources for your directory. For the next thirty days or more if I am successful I will hunt, call, email every church I find that has a disability ministry and send them your way. I really believe in this ministry and its purpose. I will tell you why. I looked up some of the biggest church denominations in the nation and I was happy to see that the Episcopal church in New Jersey had a disability ministry. Until I read further into their website and discovered what they meant by accessiblity to all was a wheelchair ramp and lowered sinks in the bathroom. How wonderful not to forget the Braille hymnals and Hearing devices. As my husband asked "What about the ministry?"
One group had a very long complex statement about the rights of the mentally disabled in their churches, I thought this is great and surely they will list some of the services and locations where one would find such wonderful ministries...no...it was just their statement. No way to get there or even call any of their churches nationwide. At least they believed that the disabled should have a ministry. So you see that you and your wife and your team of friends are a very rare breed indeed.
It really upset me at first but then I had to ask myself what was I doing? So I sent three emails out tonight and I am calling the dioceses of the Episcopal and Catholic churches in California tomorrow to get phone numbers.
Wish us luck.
Lee and Clarissa Stewart

The Editor in Chief said...

Lee and Clarissa,
You guys are great! I look forward to receiving your listings. Yes its true that churches will sometimes confuse abiding by ADA with having a disability ministry. It is also the "We will accept them if they come" mindset which I addressed in my 6/15/08 posting. See
Thanks for the help.

Lee Stewart said...

Both when I was in the UK and since I have been in this country, there has never been any proactive ministry for the disabled, other than what you do.
There is alot of promotion for other ministeries that are constantly given media attention, yet what about the disabled?
Because they are not focused upon, does it mean they are not important?
I was told once, that those who's "mental Age" is of a child, are to be refused communion, because as a "child in an adult's body" they have no sense of understanding; therefore are to be refused on the basis of what scripture mentions in regards to lack of understanding!!

kathy McFall said...

Hi: I happened upon this site while doing some research for an upcoming paper. I am a seminarian, an Episcopalian, and I have Multiple Sclerosis - thus I felt compelled to share. Not too long ago, I was rejected from the vocational diaconate because of my MS. I had been involved with the process for about a year and my priest had been very supportive. My bishop openly admitted that I was rejected because of my illness. When my husband questioned him about this, he told him: "I did not have a disability. . . instead I had a progressive illness." This came as quite a shock. After all, my MS is in remission. I do have mild cognitive impairment, some weakness in my left leg (I use a cane), and occasional balance issues. I wasn't expecting to be treated this way given the commitment and love I had shown to the church. But, I can't change it. Please consider addressing this "other side." Regardless, I'm certain I will find your site helpful and inspiring as I work to finish my marriage and family therapy degree. Grace and peace, Kathy McFall

Lee Stewart said...

Take a look at: www.joyfellowship.bc.ca

It is a site that offers resources.