“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Loan forgiveness vs. supporting Americans with disabilities

 Over the years I have come to know many people with various disabilities who are living at or below the poverty line. Several have literally been waiting for over 10 years to get onto section 8 in order to receive housing benefits. In the community where I live, a small apartment is about 1300$ per month. If you consider that social security is a little over a thousand per month, you can see the difficulties people face just making ends meet. And you also realize that as you work your financial benefit decreases. So, these are people in desperate need of assistance that the government doesn't care about. 

But if you make over 100 thousand per year, they can find 10,000$ to give you to pay off a student loan. In all, they can find 300 billion dollars. I don't care what your political preference is, but it is easy to see my frustration with this. This is not caring about the needs of citizens. If we were really interested in the needs of citizens we would care for citizens who are the most needy and we don't. 

My friends wait for help so they can live above the poverty all the while being told there is no money available. While those in government are quick to give money to those who they think will help their political aspirations and bring them power. Otherwise they could care less about you. 

If you would like to disagree, tell me how people with student loans that they chose to take on are more in need than those with disabilities who through no fault of their own live in poverty. Tell me why we can find money for loan forgiveness but not for housing aid.  

This is just the latest from uncaring power motivated political hacks who call themselves "leaders."


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Free Bible lessons download on Philippians for adults with disabilities

 Jeff and Kathi McNair have been facilitating an adult ministry that particularly includes adults with intellectual disabilities. They have published 3 curricula for this ministry on Psalms, Romans and Hebrews. With each of these curricula, Jeff wrote the lessons, taught them, and then revised them such they are in the final form you see. 

They have just released a new curriculum on Philippians as a FREE download. The download is available here.

Lessons from the Light & Power Company: Philippians

We hope you will enjoy trying out this curriculum!


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Be aware of manipulation

It has been interesting over the years of ministry with adults with intellectual disabilities, that there have been several occasions, only a few, where those with higher functioning disabilities have manipulated those with a bit less intellectual abilities.

One happened about 10 years back when two women got into a sequence of altercations. The higher functioning woman seemed to instigate the confrontations. Because she had a better command of language, she would typically frustrate the other. This happened repeatedly until ultimately the woman with less command of language in frustration pushed her such that she fell down. The result was the the first woman called the police, filed an assault charge and basically scared the other half to death. I would reassure her that nothing would happen as a result and nothing did, but it forever scarred the less capable woman and she never returned to our ministry the other for a while would show up with her Cheshire cat grin.

Most recently, a similar situation occurred between two women and a man in our group. The women being the higher functioning and the man less so. We ultimately came to understand how the two had been manipulating the man. I spoke to him on several occasions trying to explain to him what was happening to him and also spoke to one of the women telling her to stop the behaviors she was engaging in. But she continued and her manipulation was too powerful for him. Ultimately it set him off to where he became mildly physically aggressive but it might have been much worse. As it stands, all three of the group are not involved in our ministry. The man through input from his family has separated himself from our ministry, probably a wise move on his part, and the women were asked to leave for a period of time. I plan to continue to facilitate friendship with the man. Hopefully they will follow our request to refrain from the social media interactions and posts that led to the altercation.

The take home lesson is that people are people and will often do the kinds of things people will do. Particularly if the see that they have some power over others. If you are aware, try to protect those in your group who might seem more competent than they are and can be bullied by others. I was grateful that the altercation didn't escalate more than it did.