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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Something is happening

Recently I have been impressed with how the Lord is working in the area of disability and the Church. Many folks from a variety of Christian faith traditions, and professional areas seem to be converging on the notion of helping churches in particular and the Christian faith in general to be more open toward persons with disability. People are dreaming big dreams, people are recognizing discriminating attitudes when they come across them and speaking out, and people are recognizing that they have a role in the changes we are trying to make. I provide one example of someone dreaming big, but such dreams are being multiplied in a variety of venues.

I had the privilege of lunch with Bob Drummond (I really had planned on paying, but he insisted, and I guess I didn't resist as much as I could have) last Friday. Bob is the Executive Director of Opportunity Schools, a program to help Christian schools develop special education programs. Anyway, Bob's dream is that all children with disabilities (particularly those with mild/moderate disabilities) who want to have access to a Christian school education will have access to one by 2010! Wow. That doesn't mean the program will be across the street, however, there would be the option should one choose to exercise it.

I am particularly excited about this because leaders like Bob, are going to influence the Christian school movement to increasingly include persons with disabilities in their big dreams. Changes in practice begin with changes in dreams, in vision. Christian schools are another aspect of the church that is attempting to be more open to those who have often been overlooked in the past.


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