“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

Monday, January 16, 2006

Down syndrome music video

I have an idea for a music video which I am happy to share with any interested rock band. Here goes...

The video begins moving between scenes showing 10 different persons with down syndrome engaging in various activities typical to their lives. So for example
1- Girl eating popcorn and watching TV
2- A young man coloring in a spiderman coloring book
3- An adult man really enjoying a burrito
4- A woman holding and rocking a baby on her lap
5- A woman working at a sorting task in a sheltered workshop
6- A man sitting at a baseball game in team attire enjoying a game
7- A baby lying in a crib drinking from a bottle
8- A man bowing his head in prayer at a grave site while others walk by
9 + 10- A couple giving each other a kiss sitting on a bench in a park

The camera jumps between these people enjoying regular lives, perhaps fading in and out with close ups on faces so there is no doubt that the people have down syndrome.

Then out of nowhere, two people come in and grab the girl watching the TV and take her down into a basement where they hastily lock her in a room, fade to black. The coloring book is taken and the screen fades to black. The burrito drops from the hand and falls to the plate, fade to black. The baby is taken gruffly from the girl who looks up sadly, fade to black. The camera pans through the workshop which is empty, fade to black. The seat at the baseball game is empty, an obviously pregnant woman comes and takes the seat, fade to black. The same grave site appears, but no one is praying, people just walking by. The couple are separated gruffly fade to black. The crib stands alone for what seems an eternity. As the screen begins to fade out, text come up which says, "90% of people with down syndrome are diagnosed prenatally and their lives terminated." The picture then comes back and almost suddenly, a baby with down syndrome is laid in the crib fade to white.



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Anonymous said...

Wow... that is awesome!!! After only a few weeks in the class I have definitly come to realize the disorted view people have of people with disabilities especially those with down syndrome. People definitly need an eye-opener that these people ae just like you or me. I absolutly love the idea of the music video, you are very creative...

Anonymous said...

I did not realize that 90% of prenatal diagnosed that have down syndrome are terminated. It is amazing to me that so many people do not realize the joy that a child with down syndrome can bring to their lives. As for the video, I think it is an awesome and creative idea, unfortunately I do not sing or have a rock band and can not help with the idea. But I would love to see it happen!