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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Disability studies at CBU

California Baptist University in Riverside, California, has just had an MA degree approved by the university curriculum commitee. This is the first step forward in this direction and we are very excited. By its very nature, disability studies is an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary program of study. This is reflected in the faculty who have participated in the development of the program, coming from political science, education, nursing, theology, law, and ministry areas. We hope to expand the various disciplines which will participate in the program as it develops. The MA degree will offer three foci for study: leadership, policy development, and ministry. Courses range from Intro to disability studies, to Biblical anthro with an emphasis on disability, to organizational leadership, to sociology of disability, to research methods. Within the concentrations courses are offered regarding Christian thinkers on disability, disability ministry, developing the disabled leader, policy development and social role valorization.

Pending accreditation approval, our hope is that the MA will begin to be offered in the Fall of 2008. There will also be a distance education option for people who are not in the immediate area of Southern California. Our goal is to have couses offered online as soon as possible in order for people across the country and around the world to participate. For more specific information, please contact me, Dr. Jeff McNair at jmcnair@calbaptist.edu

Please be watching for further announcements about this degree program as they occur at this blog. This degree program is particularly innovative as we will be one of the few if any Christian universities offering study in this area, and we will be unapologetically Christian in our approach. Exciting times are ahead. Please pray for God's guidance as we develop in this exciting area of study.


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