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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cal Baptist receives WASC approval for Disability Studies MA

California Baptist University recently received preliminary approval for a MA degree in disability studies. Final approval will hopefully be received this coming Fall. The degree has a variety of unique aspects. http://www.calbaptist.edu/disabilitystudies/

First, the program is entirely online. So, basically you will be able to enroll in this degree program from anywhere where you have decent internet access. Aspects of the program will by synchronous and aspects asynchronous, but the program is designed such that it will work with your schedule.

Second, it is offered by a Christian university. There are several Christian colleges/universities working in this area, however, Cal Baptist is one of the few with a MA degree. We hope to address any issues in disability studies, but we are unabashedly Christian as well. A Christian approach will be developed and discussed in the program.

Third, one cognate area students may choose is to specialize in Disability Ministry. That narrows the field down even more. We anticipate an awakening within the church and we want to prepare people who can reach out and embrace people experiencing various disaiblities. Students may also choose Leadership or Disability Policy as areas of focus.

Fourth, we have been enjoying a collaborative relationship with the Joni and friends organization who have been helpful in the design of this study area. Joni and friends are world leaders in aspects of Christianity and disability. We look forward to their help in facilitating internship/fieldwork opportunities for students around the world.

Courses will begin in the Fall of 2008! So if this is a program of interest to you, visit our website, send me an email, jmcnair@calbaptist.edu and we will try to get your questions answered.

May God bless and lead us in this endeavor!


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Anonymous said...

I am so happy you received your approval! congrats.