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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cause for Life

Cause for life is a program of the Joni and Friends organization's Christian Institute on Disability. 
Their website says,
Cause 4 Life Global Missions and Internships prepares today’s emerging and next generation Christian leaders for ministry, missions, advocacy, and justice for people affected by disability around the world.
Just recently, they have made a video describing opportunities for internships.  It is a very powerful video for an amazing program.  The director of Cause for Life, Rev. James Rene is a man with a passion for Jesus Christ, for the training of interns in the heart of God, and the development of ministry to persons with disabilties.  View their amazing video at the link below.


Disabled Mobility Equipment said...

Joni and Friends really do some fantastic work. Kudos.

best wishes, Alex

Unknown said...

After watching the cause 4 life video and looking over the photos I cannot help but think about gifts of the spirit, serving others in particular. According to Romans we all have different gifts and we should use them in accordance with our faith. Like many Christians in a credential program I see my gift as that of a teacher. I think it is correct to say that Christian and non-Christian service to others is noble, but those that participate in this ministry are being noble in two ways. The most apparent thing is that they are doing something good for the global community. But the other way they are being noble is that participating in this ministry because god has called them to it. Good works without the faith part of things is often empty and done for selfish reasons. I commend those that are called to this ministry and other service ministries.

Anonymous said...

After watching the video, I was blown away by it. I was shock to see people around the world were being mistreated emotionally because of there disability. It's sad to see people treated that way but that's why I love God. God did made us in HIS image. He love me so I must do the same fro other people. I'm really glad to see that there are people who are still willingly to show God's Love to other people.