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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Disability Studies at California Baptist University

California Baptist University invites you to consider our MA degree in Disability Studies. The degree is entirely online.

We are one of the few if not the only Christian university offering an MA in Disability Studies nationally, and perhaps the only university in the world offering a MA degree in disability ministry. 
We are focussed on developing leaders in the field.  Nearly 50% of our first cohort of graduates (2012) have had their MA research published in a professional journal.  Students have come to us from the fields of policy, nonprofit management, ministry, and human services among others.  Graduates are working as teachers of children and adults, government agency workers, directors of nonprofits, vendors of human services, directors of parachurch organizations, working in disability ministry and as pastors among other pursuits. 

We are accepting applications for the fourth cohort now through August. Classes are taught by Dr. Jeff McNair and a faculty of experts in aspects of disability studies. For more information, check out the website, Disability Studies at CBU  or you can contact Dr. McNair directly at jmcnair@calbaptist.edu  or our dean of admissions Ted Meyer at tmeyer@calbaptist.edu

This program received WASC accreditation Summer of 2008 and has received significant input and support from the Joni and Friends organization whom we consider our partners.

So please do not hesitate to contact Dr. McNair with questions or to request an application or you can visit the website above for more information.

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