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Monday, October 28, 2013

"If it wasn't for you two I would NEVER leave my room!"

"If it wasn't for you two I would NEVER leave my room!"
That was the title on an email I recently received. A dear friend of mine will often email me with his entire message being the title of the email.  This time his message stopped me short. But this message is not about Kathi and I, it is about the potential power that anyone can have in the lives of people to enrich their lives.
I have often said to groups that I am a good friend to have because I have a car.  But a car isn't even the important thing. It is that you see a person as a person and choose to develop a relationship with them.
My friend happens to have a physical disability and uses a wheelchair which limits his movement somewhat. He could move about the community more than he does, but for whatever reason, he chooses not to. The cool thing is that Kathi and I can be the encouragement to assist him to broaden his life a bit by going out into the community. Nothing special really, we just go to church together, go to a restaurant occasionally, phone call sometimes.
But my friend realizes that the simple interactions we have are the keys to unlock the door to his room, so to speak, and invite him into the community. It isn't that he doesn't want to be in the community.  It is just that he like many people simply needs an invitation from a friend.  No invitation, no involvement in the community. Life all day in his room in front of his computer. But a simple invitation from one person, and his life opens up to meeting others, sharing his gifts and his sense of humor.  Leading others in prayer and so on.
All that is needed is one person in a life to make a significant change in that life.



Katie at CLC Network said...

A loyal friend can add purpose & vitality to one's life. Friends have the ability to reflect Jesus to us. Thanks for the reminder today, Jeff.

Shelly said...

A beautiful reminder, both to extend the invitation and to accept it when it comes! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Professor Mcnair, I totally agree with you on this blog post. It is crazy to think that things so small can mean so much to others. Taking as little as five minutes a day and it doesn’t even have to be everyday just to give someone a call and check up with someone is such as easy task that more of us should be doing. Sometimes all it takes for someone to get motivated can be as simple as a few words of encouragement by a friend or family member.
However, on the other hand I bet when you and your wife got that email from your friend that you guys were filled with joy. Just knowing that you and you wife made such an impact on some person’s life by doing nothing extra or something that you do not do on a daily basis. I really enjoyed reading this blog post and what I can personally take from this is that I need to start taking that little bit of time out of my day to make someone feel important or whatever the cause may be. The last thing I want to leave you with is a quote that I want to share with everyone that reminded me of this post is “It is the simple things in life that mean the most.” Love the website.

Anonymous said...

I was highly encouraged by this entry. I was under the impression that disabled people are out and about in the world quite a bit more then they are due to the fact that I often see them at various functions and events. Unfortunately, this isn't the reality of the matter. These people are only leaving the loneliness of their bedrooms and the abyss of their computers when they are invited by their friends of the world. This issue is that this doesn't happen very often as you've mentioned in your blog. I think abut myself and the times I've invited my friends with disabilities, however, I can count them on one hand. It's amazing to think that a simple phone call can change someone's life simply by including them in going to the movies, grabbing a cup of coffee, or even going to church. Thank you for encouraging me with this blog. As simple as it is, many people aren't doing it and that needs to changed. I'm excited to participate in this challenge and hope to soon receive a similar email shouting, "IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU I WOULD NEVER LEAVE MY ROOM

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a friend, someone they can count on and vent to. Sharing life with other people in your community is significant and healthy especially forming friendships with people who are in need. Having people share your life with gives it more meaning. People to share a life with makes it more special and beautiful. Friends are what we need to get through the hard times and what makes those special moments in are life more special. I believe the community is a great way to reach to those who are in need to help give them support and a way to be involved and form friendships. I believe there should be more churches out there to help those in need to be more involved with the community and to give them a place of belonging and comfort. I hope the Christian community in the future will have better resources and programs for those in need who need the extra care and support to have a happy and healthy life.