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Monday, May 19, 2014

Follow Me Session #3 - Light and Power Company

Follow Me Session #3 - Light and Power Company

In our Light and Power group, we are studing the "Follow Me" Bible study curriculum. This curriculum is being studied church wide in the Sunday sermon and weekly Bible studies. Here is the session for the third week of Follow Me. It is about a half hour.
This will also give you a feel for how we run our weekly teaching time.

Special thanks to Pat and Curtis Hall for putting this video together.


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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed hearing Mike bring up shakes into the talk. What I was surprised by with the video was how large the class was. A good amount of people were present that day and I find it humbling that there is a class that ministers to our brethren in Christ in such a manner and on a good scale for I have not seen this in a church. Talking about our paths and turning into the direction of God was a great topic. Love was a focus of the talk, love in the idea of "wanting to" versus "having to" do the works of God, that we do things for love and for the love of our lord. I really loved the response for why we read the Bible, that we read the Bible "to study to show yourself approved", to show how to live in God's way. I also enjoyed the response of humanity's non perfect life and the need for forgiveness for our failures and how the Bible is a message to teach us of our forgiveness. What I really enjoyed was the responses of why we pray. I loved the responses that prayer is to give gratitude and thanks to God and to seek understanding. I find that the understanding portion is very profound, that understanding gives us the chance to seek sympathy and empathy, humbles us and guides us to seek forgiveness and to give forgiveness. The prayer responses was my favorite portion of this talk.