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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Mark and David: Unconditional friends - video

I was blessed to be a part of a Joni and Friends television episode on friendship. Below is the description they provide on their website.

Mark and David - Unconditional Friends
This is an inside look at the lives of two adult men with intellectual disabilities, one single and one married. It includes insightful interview comments from Dr. Jeff McNair, Director of Public Policy at Joni and Friends and Professor of Education & Director, MA Disability Studies at California Baptist University. The viewer will gain new insights to the challenges faced by adults with intellectual disabilities living in our communities, and the limitations placed on them from cultural misunderstanding and perception.

Here is the link to the actual program.
Link to Mark and David - Unconditional Friends

God bless and enjoy!



Unknown said...

This presents a purposeful example of how the church can reach and affect the lives of others. Specifically this example of how God is using the Light and Power Company Sunday School class to connect and love.
It's a stark Dichotomous position when someone with a "disability" can either say "I don't think I have a disability. I can do a lot of things." Or equally say, "What do they know? I have a disability; it doesn't bother me." Yet many in society, and not excluding the church, finds blemishes, discomfort, or any other failed perception of who these people are.
Disability does not discriminate. Only those who assume roles of power and influence assign such labels. As found in 1 Corinthians 12, Paul instructs us to establish our community of mutual honor & cooperation in Christ. Such that all the parts of His body is indispensable and such should benefit with our special honor.
Let us all be decisive in connecting to others in our church, home, and community who need to experience Christ's love. Let us not hesitate to reach out to those who may have a disability as they too have a purpose for Christ that we may be too shortsighted to understand.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful stories of friendships involving those who can really learn from one another's differences. Thank you for sharing.