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Monday, October 12, 2015

Presentations by Jeff McNair from Faith Inclusion Network conference

I recently had the privilege of participating in a conference put on by the Faith Inclusion Network. As a part of that conference, I did a brief presentation and was interviewed. Karen Jackson the Director of FIN graciously provided me with the links to those two videos. They are provided below.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. McNair this message is one the Church desperately needs to hear, thank you so much for your efforts to bring this often times overlooked issue into societies considerations. Our society has for a long time been mistreating the members of the disabled community in very unfair and hurtful ways. I think if we all could walk one day in their shoes and saw the frustrations that they must deal with everyday we would be in shock of how our society deals with individuals with disabilities. However, I think another issues that we must consider is the fact that, our society has another real hindrance to real progress being made, and that problem is named egotism or self centered. Our whole society is consumed with self. It makes an extra effort by someone else to be like pulling teeth. I believe the change will happen by servant, people living out their purpose (little CBU plug there), but I also think the potential and what our society could be with just a little effort.