“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Doing God's work alone

This past Sunday, a group of us went to see a showing of "The Nativity Story." I was impressed by the movie, and really enjoyed it. One thing that hit me that I really hadn't thought about before, was how alone Mary and Joseph were in their knowledge about the Christ child that she was carrying. To the degree that others did know that she was pregnant, their responses would be largely negative. Ultimately when they left for Bethlehem, the were once again alone with the knowledge of what was happening to them, to the world. Obviously they had both been visited by an angel, but as far as human support, human encouragement, only Elizabeth was in any way encouraging to Mary, understanding to some degree what was happening to her. Nevertheless, on they went to Bethlehem, alone, responding in obedience to the direction of the Lord. Ultimately, they received affirmation in the form of the Wise Men's visit from the human world.

I was encouraged in regards to working with people with disabilities from that interpretation of what was shown in the movie. Often we work alone, with little encouragement or understanding. Yet we are responding to the call of God. In the same way that Mary and Joseph finally received affirmation from the
Wise Men, from people, but they relied on the Lord for their affirmation their encouragement. We must learn to do the same. Ultimately we will receive affirmation for our work, often alone as we are being obedient to God. But we must learn that in spite of what people do or do not do to affirm or encourage us, we must continue our work knowing we are doing the will of God.


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Impossibleape said...

being a pioneer or groundbreaker is a lonely business

and being dedicated to a cause that few people value takes a lot of spiritual strength or perhaps something close to mental illness or impairment.

thank you for the great work you are doing and for keeping on when many people think that you are wasting your time, talents and energy. Those on the outside can be even more upset that you are not only wasting your life but you are also bugging them and making them feel guilty for not wanting to think about the issues.

keep making them think about the issues anyway

Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year.