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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please keep Joni and Ken Tada in your prayers

This morning, the Joni and Friends website shared that Joni has been diagnosed with cancer. Please visit this website for the full letter drafted by Joni.

In the letter she states,
Please pray that the upcoming tests, surgery and subsequent treatment will be successful (thankfully, my quadriplegia has no bearing on either the surgery or the treatment; I'm like any other woman with breast cancer -- I simply want to focus my energies on getting better).

Of course, I believe that God can and does heal and I covet your prayers to that end. Most of all, please pray that God will pour out grace-upon-grace on Ken and me.

God has used and continues to use Joni in my life as an example of trusting in the sovereignity of God. I would wish to know and trust in God as Joni has learned to do throughout her life, but I would not wish to face the trials that she has faced to give her complete trust in God. When I waver in my faith or in my trust in God (I wish that were less often than it is) I will often think of her and am encouraged.

I must also tell you that through some opportunities I have had to meet and speak with her, she is real. Real about her life experience and the impact it has had on her. She is not some pie in the sky purveyor of platitudes. But someone who has lived the raw edge of life's challenges, coming away with a dogged desire to trust God, and look on her significant challenges as a way to encourage others. Her faith is such that I suspect she received the diagnosis of cancer anticipating how God would use it in her life to His glory.

Please keep Joni and Ken in your prayers as they move forward into the unknown of cancer. Cancer may not be known to them, but God is known and as real as quadriplegia, even more real. I leave you with one more quote from her letter.

For years I have hoped that my quadriplegia might encourage people struggling with cancer… now I have a chance to truly empathize and journey alongside, affirming that God's grace is always sufficient for whatever the disease or disability. (Joni 6/23/10)


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