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Tuesday, September 03, 2013


At a meeting at Joni and Friends this morning, a video was shared which needs broader airplay.  It is about a photographer, Rick Guidotti.  I won't try to describe what he is doing, I would simply refer you to the YouTube video.  It is beautiful!

May God open the church to a perspective similar to this one...


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Anonymous said...

I just watched the video Beautiful. Some say beauty is in eye of the beholder. Each of us defines beauty a little different. Some of us believe beauty is defined by what is seen in the media and fashion magazines. Others of us look a little deeper for beauty. I feel beauty emanates from a person's spirit and shines in a person's face. The pictures captured by Rick Guidotti seem to capture that beauty as it shines in the faces of his models. By capturing the beauty of his models, he allows others to see beauty they may have never noticed. I feel there is always beauty in a smile. Guidotti captures their beauty allowing us to see persons with disabilities in a new way, simply as beautiful people full of life. We do not have to look at them with pity, but we can see the beauty in their faces and their joy in living as they express themselves. Beauty is not perfection, but it is the ways that we express what we feel inside that shines out to others. Guidotti's images allow us to ask ourselves how we define beauty and perhaps we need to rethink that definition. Thank you for sharing