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Sunday, September 29, 2013

"I wonder where these people would be?"

My son visited our Light and Power group today.  It is a group in our church, Trinity Church in Redlands, CA, that includes adults with various disabilities.  He visits on occasion, today to go out to lunch with me and our friend Mark who is a part of the group.  We had a great time of joking and fooling around over lunch.

At one point, however, he got a bit serious and thoughtful.  He said that as he sat in class, the thought crossed his mind, "I wonder where these people would be if there wasn't this group, this class?  They certainly wouldn't be here."  Our meeting today included prayer for a missionary friend who has adopted us and is heading back to the mission field.  We had about 15 minutes of prayer for what we were thankful for led by our music team.  There was other prayer and sharing for a great time together.  We sang the old Keith Green song, "How I love you" to God then to each other then as a prayer.  It was cool.

I hadn't really thought about his question, but it is a good one.  I wonder where many others like the folks who have become a part of our church family are today because they have no place like Light and Power to go to.  They don't have a place where they are celebrated or prayed for, or just told that they are loved.  It is a sad thought, particularly when I think of the people who have become so dear to me would have no place to go.

Maybe your church can be the place for folks like my friends to go.



jordan V said...

This isn't really on topic but... Keith Green was foundational in my early Christian faith. I love the band "The Guess Who" and one day in Collge I was telling friend about seeing them live and how amazing Burton Cummings was on keyboards. This guy said Cummings is an amateur compaired to Keith Green. I had never heard of KG so I immediately walked to the book store and bought CD's. He really did know how to destroy a piano. I love Keith's message, the way he practiced what he preached, and his music. I have since read No Compromise, bought the "Your love Broke Through" dvd, compiled a complete KG LP collection and still love when I a Church uses an old Keith song. What an amazing guy!

Julie Thounskane said...

This is a question that I think about every day. Especially after being in your class, it has opened my eyes as to how inhumane and insensitive the world has become. Granted we should laugh at life and the hardships it brings, it is important that our ethics follow our morals regardless of convenience. It is important that all get the equal right to grow and to be nurtured by love and all that surrounds us. Every being deserves the ability to function in life to full potential of their ability and to be treated fairly. Also, when delivery of such actions is given, it should not be praised as "amazing" because of its rarity, it should be within our own human compassion that we act as so.

It is a blessing that people like yourself are advocates for the act of being human and are educating the world on truths. The world is full of disabled thoughts for treating anyone with negativity.