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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Universal social design

Please check out the following link to an article I wrote on the topic of universal social design and some further commente to flesh out the concept a bit.

Universal social design

This is a concept that has huge potential for changing the church if it was embraced. It basically says "I love you and your presence is more important than social etiquette."  All church social settings would become much more "wide open" but people would experience acceptance and people would experience being accepting of others. The value of the individual and showing/receiving God's acceptance would be on display. If one thinks such an open setting would detract from worship or the sharing of God's word they only need attend one of the many African-American churches where interaction during all phases of meetings is beautifully on display. Silence during many aspects of church gatherings is little more that an artifact of tradition that could be changed through the adoption of universal social design principles. It would clearly take some getting used to as does any change but it is a change worthy of serious consideration.

This also related to a post I wrote several years back.

Social healing


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