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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Preventing speech about the beauty of people with Down Syndrome

A dear friend from Australia, among others, made me aware of a video apparently banned on French TV. It was actually just a TV commercial. It illustrates the suppression of speech that we see growing in a variety of places around the world. But in this case, it has to do with keeping people from seeing the the beautiful lives of persons with Down Syndrome.

Repression of speech has blossomed in the US in universities where the notion of an exchange of ideas is desperately being put down by liberal elitists. Either they are blind to the complete hypocrisy of what they are doing, or more likely, they know exactly what they are doing. For example at conferences which I have attended, liberal faculty will actually say there is no tenable alternative perspective to the one they are purveying. Clearly if they are university trained, you would think they would obviously know better than to say something so stupid. However, it could be that BECAUSE they are university trained that they are so unreflectively and mind numbingly foolish.

Independent of your political persuasions, you must admit that we see this reaction in the response to the election of the US president. If you voted for the winner, many opponents consider you deplorable, among other vindictives because clearly there is only one perspective on any issue and that is the one that held by detractors. So the detractor's response is to tantrum because they have lost the ability to understand that there are a variety of ideas and independent of how hard they believe something, not everyone agrees with them. I am not always right. But when people indicate that they do not agree with me, I throw myself on the floor and flail around like a child.

If I am an adult, however, with as open a mind as I claim to have, I am willing to allow others to hold and express their perspectives. But others unfortunately will not allow me to hold or express my perspectives on these issues.

So as in the commercial mentioned above, go ahead liberal, pro abortion supporters in France. Publicize your desire to terminate the lives of anyone for that matter, who is different from you and advocate for not causing remorse in anyone who you convinced to do something that was evil. Go ahead. That is your right. But then allow me to show you what you have done through the evil that you have propagated ONLY by showing the beauty of the lives you have NOT successfully terminated.  In your rabid foolishness you have destroyed something beautiful. I will not curse you. I will only attempt to direct your eyes to the beauty that might have been there but isn't because of your misguided actions. But even THAT is not permitted.

Truth is not what these people are after. 

They are only interested in forcing an arguably immoral position that they cling to like a drug addict to his needle.


Link to video


Unknown said...

In many aspects of life, individuals with disabilities tend to be often thought of as non contributors among society. It's sad to in our society, oftentimes people with disabilities are not considered as intelligent as everyone else. They ignore the fact that they too have opinions, especially adults, they should always have a say in anything that are happening in the world. Their perspectives are also important; therefore they should be able to express themselves or their ideas regarding certain issues they might not see as an improvement. As seeing where this country is going right now, I think that it is important that everyone could express their point of views of how they see things.
It seems to me that they are treated more like children rather than adults who have many experiences in life, they are no different than those who are capable of doing anything. I also think that it is right about time that society stop looking at the physical aspects of one with disabilities, but focus more on who they really are and their history.

Fall 2016, EDU 541

Karen Holritz said...

Well said Jeff. Love to read your thoughts. Thanks for your love for L&P family We are enjoying this journey we are taking
Karen and Dave Holritz

Anonymous said...

I went ahead and located the news article that spoke of this video banned purely out of curiosity on why such a video would receive such negative attention.

The Council of State declared the video “inappropriate” for television broadcast because it is “likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices,” i.e., those who had aborted their Down syndrome babies.

This seems very ridiculous. Regardless whether or not you're pro life or pro choice, this is unnecessary censorship that blatantly "picks sides". Legally a choice was made, however this implies that the emotional component is now a government issue. An issue that has no legal ramifications but is still being enforced by the government? That seems very wrong to me to have a government so intricately involved in emotions of a country and using legal authority to influence sides. Watching the video was very moving and disturbing that people could see evil in such a good thing.