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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Disability ministry: Our Light & Power Class song

The ministry that my wife Kathi and I facilitate along with others is called the Light & Power Company. We meet at Trinity EV Free Church in Redlands, California. Recently, I ask Scott Freeman, our worship leader and facilitator to write a song about the class. He wrote "Light and Power in Jesus Name" which has become our class's theme song over the past few months. Brandt Haas is the videographer and editor. Below is a link to the video. It is fun and reveals a lot about how we do ministry among adults with intellectual disability. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

My comment about the song and the service is to thank you and your wife for taking the time to dedicate to these people who are in need and forgotten by their loved ones. God has sent you and your wife as guardian angels for these people you need love and spirituality.

Unknown said...

I much enjoyed doing the sound music mix for this song that day was a pleasure to see and hear how it turned out..and the Lord's glory..joe.c.