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Monday, January 06, 2020

More thoughts on Disability Ministry and Cultural Change within the Church

I am currently awaiting the publication of an article I wrote related to the kinds/areas of cultural change that need to occur within the church. These areas will be addressed more fully when that article is hopefully published. But in the meantime, here are the areas addressed that I believe need to be considered in doing cultural change.

14 Areas for Cultural Change
1.     The typical worship service
2.     Who is invited to friendship
3.     Religious education/faith development - practice
4.     Religious education/faith development - goals
5.     Religious education/faith development - outcomes
6.     Affirming what should be affirmed in our culture
7.     Facilitating presence of persons with disabilities
8.     Providing opportunities for involvement/roles
9.     Creating platforms for prophetic voices
10.  Seeing needs and addressing them
11. Understanding programs versus relationships
12.  Evangelizing people with disabilities and discipling them
13.  Broadening acceptable social skills in the church
14.  Ecumenical cooperation in supporting people with disabilities and their families

Be watching for more in these areas. Also make any suggestions you might have in the comments.


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Andrew Oliver said...

Thanks for this post! Looking forward to the article. My thought is less of a "what" cultural change is needed but more of a "how" they culture can change. It has been in my experience (at least in evangelical churches) that the lead pastor of a church must embody these cultural values in their preaching, understanding of scripture, and heart. Without the full support from the top leadership, the efforts are likely to remain on the margins.